The Desmos Geometry Tool

Desmos is proud to announce the beta release of our geometry tool. You can find it at “Beta” means this product will continue to change in ways small and large. “Beta” means we’re in the process of creating helpful documentation, tutorials, and examples. “Beta” means we don’t warranty this product for your classrooms or… Continue reading The Desmos Geometry Tool

Activity Building Violations

This week we asked the Desmos Fellows to find the errors in this five-screen Pythagorean theorem practice activity, where the errors were violations of the Desmos activity building code. The fellows had much to say about each screen in general, and even more to say about the activity as a whole. Check out their analysis below.… Continue reading Activity Building Violations

Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator

We’ve heard you loud and clear. The Desmos colors are good but not great. They just don’t pop.Over the last few months, our textures team has been sampling textiles from Brooklyn boutiques, haberdasheries, and lumberjacks around the world.We’re proud to introduce the fruits of their labor: our new plaid color palette. To take your graphing… Continue reading Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Friday Fave for March 31

Until every student is walking around looking like this… …the graph-colored glasses we want our students to develop will have to remain metaphorical. Let the Friday Fave and the opticians at Dr. Desmos help you adjust your students’ prescriptions with Graphing Stories. Students watch a short video. What do they notice? What variables can they… Continue reading Friday Fave for March 31

Fellows’ Lounge: Conference Proposals

The Desmos fellows have been brainstorming possible sessions for upcoming state and national conferences. This past week we considered the following questions to help us get ready to write our proposals: What is your big idea for the session? If that idea is aspirin, then what is the teacher’s headache? Under what circumstances, would your… Continue reading Fellows’ Lounge: Conference Proposals