“What is the role of the teacher during a Desmos activity?”

One way that teachers support student learning during a Desmos activity is by facilitating classroom conversations. This week the Desmos Fellows considered ways to plan for those conversations by looking at a teacher dashboard with sample student work. We looked at Linear Systems: Gym Membership, which asks students to analyze several gym membership plans in order… Continue reading “What is the role of the teacher during a Desmos activity?”

One Screen Upgrades: Transformations

We asked the Desmos Fellows to give this classic transformations activity an upgrade by adding one screen. The Fellows blended student background knowledge, goals for learning, and design principles to create these screens to enhance the original activity.Reverse the DirectionThe original activity gives students a graph and asks them to generate a function. After practicing… Continue reading One Screen Upgrades: Transformations

[FF] The (Even More) Awesome Coordinate Graphing Activity

One of our most used activities is The (Awesome) Coordinate Plane Activity. We think its popularity speaks both to the ingenuity of its author, Nathan Kraft, and also to the math student’s great need for graphing practice. Math teachers know what students need and Nathan knew how to help.Since Nathan created that activity last year,… Continue reading [FF] The (Even More) Awesome Coordinate Graphing Activity

Planning Professional Development: Challenges and Resources

We asked the Desmos Fellows to describe some challenges they face when planning workshops or presentations, and to share resources or practices that help them overcome these challenges. While not a complete list, here are some of our best practices for professional development.Audience and DifferentiationAnticipating the needs and experience levels of participants can be challenging.… Continue reading Planning Professional Development: Challenges and Resources

Friday Fave for January 13

The Friday Fave’s colleagues on the Teaching Faculty at Desmos have been very hard at work upgrading the collection of searchable activities. Some activities have gotten light polishing; most have gotten serious overhauls; none have gone untouched. The net result is a somewhat smaller, but substantially more wonderful search pool. Solutions to Systems of Linear… Continue reading Friday Fave for January 13