Back to School with Desmos

It’s the end of August, so you know what that means…National Trail Mix Day on August 31st! It also happens to be our favorite time of year here at Desmos - Back to School! To some students, this means a new Spiderman lunchbox or set of limited edition colored pencils. For teachers, it’s time to get… Continue reading Back to School with Desmos

Curiosity Inspired Graphs – Our Graphing Contest Winners!

NASA’s wildly successful landing of Curiosity last week garnered the attention of space enthusiasts around the world. For Team Desmos, it was especially amazing to see how this Mars mission rejuvenated an interest in learning math and science. Whether it was the cool NASA Mohawk guy or the excitement of seeing the first images of… Continue reading Curiosity Inspired Graphs – Our Graphing Contest Winners!

Mars Curiosity Rover Graphing Contest

Ever since we first saw that iconic bow-tie, it’s been our dream to work with our favorite Science Guy. This week, we’re thrilled to announce our realization of that dream. Bill Nye, CEO of the Planetary Society, is teaming up with Desmos to celebrate the landing of Mars Curiosity Rover! ==== The “face” of the Mars… Continue reading Mars Curiosity Rover Graphing Contest