Fellows’ Lounge for October 31

In this week’s prompt we asked the fellows give this activity a makeover, increasing its depth, demand, or delight, by adding just one screen.Though the makeover screens varied widely depending on lesson objective and course level, there were commonalities in how the fellows used Desmos to add value.They connected representations.They gave students opportunities to be right… Continue reading Fellows’ Lounge for October 31

Friday Fave for October 28

The Desmos Teaching Faculty has been thinking hard about modeling. For too long, many students’ experience with mathematical modeling has been limited to problems that begin “The relationship between this and that can be modeled by the equation….” Our goals are more ambitious. We want our tools to help students model even when they’re not… Continue reading Friday Fave for October 28

Video & Multiple Choice: What Took Us So Long?

We just added support for multiple choice questions and video exhibits in our Activity Builder. These are the first features lots of companies add to their online activity platforms so we wanted to explain why we waited so long.First, we wanted to get them right, to build them in alignment with our pedagogical principles. Multiple… Continue reading Video & Multiple Choice: What Took Us So Long?

Friday Fave for October 7

There are two reasons why Point Collector is this week’s Friday Fave: First, it combines practice with strategy. Second, it’s the first lesson we’ve released with our “Computation Layer” technology. Practice Practice is an important part of a math education. Some practice is totally dreary, though. (You know what we’re talking about.) Our preferred form… Continue reading Friday Fave for October 7