Friday Five for May 13

Friday the thirteenth falls on a Friday this month.The Friday Five stands in respect of this “stition” indeed, yet carries on with its work nonetheless. Algebra, Calculus, and Trigonometry are the lucky courses this Friday the 13th.Understanding Compound InequalitiesThe title of Jennifer Vadnais’s activity doesn’t give much clue about the playful opportunities that lurk within.… Continue reading Friday Five for May 13

“Hide students” is here!

Our top-requested Activity Builder feature in recent months has arrived! When little Johnny—darling that he is—goes off his rocker and logs in as [wildly inappropriate screen name redacted], you can hide him.When Suzie—who would normally never do such a thing—gets a little carried away and graphs a body part better suited to health class.When those things… Continue reading “Hide students” is here!