Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator

We’ve heard you loud and clear. The Desmos colors are good but not great. They just don’t pop.Over the last few months, our textures team has been sampling textiles from Brooklyn boutiques, haberdasheries, and lumberjacks around the world.We’re proud to introduce the fruits of their labor: our new plaid color palette. To take your graphing… Continue reading Spring Makeover for the Desmos Graphing Calculator

Reflection on Our February 28 Service Outage

On Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017, Desmos experienced a complete service outage of our public calculator as well as the API that our partners use to embed the calculator into their sites. Our outage was related to the outage of Amazon’s S3 storage service, which also affected many other sites across the internet. We’d like to… Continue reading Reflection on Our February 28 Service Outage

Applications Are Open for Cohort 2 of the Desmos Teaching Fellowship!

Last year, we flew 39 teachers to Desmos HQ in San Francisco, CA, and the Demos Teaching Fellowship was born.In the months since, that cohort has been utterly indispensable to our company’s growth – offering us criticism and counsel on early editions of our products and activities – and we’ve done our best to become… Continue reading Applications Are Open for Cohort 2 of the Desmos Teaching Fellowship!

“What makes a professional learning experience memorable?”

This past week we asked the Desmos fellows to share a resource that they got from a workshop or conference presentation that they found useful, and to describe why the resource was memorable.We didn’t end up with a particular type of resource that was useful, but rather doing this exercise helped highlight both the types… Continue reading “What makes a professional learning experience memorable?”

“How do you review a Desmos activity?”

This week the Desmos Fellows shared ways in which they “go over” or review a Desmos Activity to help students summarize and reflect on learning. We shared a variety of strategies, some of which take place during the activity and others that take place at the end or even the next day.Leveraging Partial Understanding to… Continue reading “How do you review a Desmos activity?”

“What is the role of the teacher during a Desmos activity?”

One way that teachers support student learning during a Desmos activity is by facilitating classroom conversations. This week the Desmos Fellows considered ways to plan for those conversations by looking at a teacher dashboard with sample student work. We looked at Linear Systems: Gym Membership, which asks students to analyze several gym membership plans in order… Continue reading “What is the role of the teacher during a Desmos activity?”